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Change your Coffee...Change your Life


To be a major contributor to society in Explorations, Dreams, 
Discovery, Products and Services; 
accomplished by adding value and experience to everyone so they
can realize their significance and possibilities; 
to help people
accept that there is hope and opportunity and that they can succeed
no matter what their circumstances: age, background, heritage,
financial status or present condition; to lead people in the area
of their interest and personal value.


Meet and discuss problems, issues and solutions.
Find out how problems are turned into solutions.
This is not a pass your business card to others
and make appointments for a sale,
our "Purpose Driven Network"  helps with a process 
for problem solving and decision making to help individuals
and businesses to achive success in a conscious,
step-by-step approach to identify problems,
deal with the issues, and find solutions based on
analyzing  potential risks and opportunities.
An approach dealing with goverance,
risk and compliance that deals with
the overall success of the individual unit.

A collaborative approach develops methodologies that help you
maximize your critical thinking skills, systematically organize
and prioritize information, set objectives, evaluate alternatives,
and analyze the impact.  


From low tech to high tech.
From cost containment and maintenance avoidance to increased revenue.
From an unhealthy status to doing healthy
practices with just water, Enagic's Kangen Water™.
To talk and see on any phone, the Iris 3000 global video phone.
To talk for FREE. To have a virtual cell phone and not have
to pay monthly fees or fees by the minute.
And, to dial by just saying,
"Call Disneyland Home of Mickey Mouse." SpeechPhone, bringing back
the original methodology of talking on the telphone, no dialing.

The "Purpose Driven Network",  
headed by Patrick Tarzian,
has a broad mission to "help those in need to succeed."
Patrick has empowered individuals and helped build and
manage fortune series companies and
small to medium size businesses as well. 
As a developer, strategizer, and president and CFO
of several organizations,
hundreds of companies, individuals, military and
government organizations have benefited from
the innovation that has been implemented in companies that 
have hundreds of millions of dollars in systems, assets,
equipment, work flow and contracts. 

The methodology of our triology projects includes:

1. The "Purpose Driven Network" is the tip and one part of the triology using 
non-standard ways of marketing and advertising. While TV, radio,
telephone, newspapers, fliers, door hangers, etc. have been the
standard spanding two centuries since advent of telephones,
radio, and TV and now email since the ending of the
last century, the "Purpose Driven Network" is aimed at using the
Internet and Skytyping. People are sick and tired of flyers in
their US Mail boxes, email spam, and unwanted telephone calls. The
"Purpose Driven Network" drives the 'green company.'
2. Skytyper is the example of "How Dot Com Works." It provides the format
for other domains that relate to a particular business sector.  
"How Dot Com Works.Com" defines the details of how each business
sector works to gain a better position in the market thereby
increasing it's revenue. Skytyper is the focal point and the
example of the triology. When you search for content on the Internet 
with a browser, you find what you want based on the 
algorithmic program of the browser. New browsers bring new
content. But when you are looking for a business in a specific geographical
area code, as an example, you need to drill down to a finite area
by a given category. "How Dot Com Works" does this for you. This brings
to the user a list of specials by business card, promotional content,
coupons that are date sensitive and long standing, and the ability to
search an entire telephone area code. More importantly, "Skytyper" gets
you to another level in your company when marketing and branding
is paramount by placing vital information in the sky at 10,000 feet high,
with a message as long as 5 miles, and as high as the Empire State
Building covering 2,500 square miles on any given campaign. This speaks
volume for branding and marketing a company and at the same time
is a much lighter fare on the budget.

3. "The Way It Shall Be.Com" is the tool set of instruments that brings
a more defined method of helping each business with using the "global private daily
proactive permissioned based marketing program" that invokes the
changes needed to meet the demands of increasing business
revenue in a non-standard methodology. This surely is paramount in
the recession of this new century. Keeping the simplicity of marketing
and advertisement by just using a telephone and sending content
to a select group of customers that is time sensitive and never ending.

"The Way It Shall Be and Get Me Some Money" is based on a "cash back loyalty
program" where by all earned funds are received from the vendors
(SMB's and SME's) around the globe. This is a paradigm shift from the
standard marketing and advertisement. Giving your customers a 'cash back' 
reward of 1% or 2% and depositing that in their bank account is
paramount in "Customer Appreciation." Moreover, an additional
percentage from 3% to 30% deposited into their loyalty rewards account
that grows and when filled to the brim, is cashed out in a sizeable
amount of cash greater than $600 and is restarted just like having
a piggy bank broken open when full and starting to make another
after you spend all the piggy bank funds.

  This entire concept is similar to most other changing businesses
that have been extremely successful in the last two centuries.
It is not only a paradigm shift that companies use to gain
a competitive edge, it is a direct analogy of what other
companies develop for success. Not just reverse engineering,
but a means of survival by deploying a paradigm shift necessary
for success. 

A true example would be what Bill Gates did with what Netscape had
developed. James Barksdale did not know what hit him when he lost
Marc Andreessen's Netscape to Bill Gates "Windows Internet Explorer."
Let's see what the new "RockMelt" does.

As it has been in many businesses, people study people because of their
success. Many people study Bill Gates knowing they are just as smart
as Bill Gates and try and figure out what the successful people do that
they are not doing. People that study people like Bill Gates are Larry
Ellison, James Barksdale, and others. Larry Ellison of Oracle studies
Bill Gates. James Barksdale past CEO of Netscape Communications
studies Bill Gates. Many successful people study Sir Richard Branson
of Virgin Airlines. Richard Branson's fame is the 100 companies
he manages weekly and not Virgin Airlines.

Change your water...Change your Life!   Do you drink water.Com?

Change your for FREE!  OhMandi.Com?

Cash Back with every purchase...NO MLM! Get Me Some Money

Through the meetings, presentations,
case studies, experience of our membership,
you will develop specific abilities
to improve your own ability to make
decisions, simplify complex situations,
analyze the issues, plan for the future,
learn new techniques and
create solutions.


Have you been hoodwinked about water?
Have you been lied to about water?
Have you been buffaloed about water?
Have you been told about the true properties of bottled water?
Do you know it takes 1,000 years for empty bottled water containers
to biodegrade?
Do you know that the plastics in bottled water containers
leach into the bottled water that you drink?
Do you  know that bottled water is considered dead water?
Do you know that some bottled water companies have been banned
in other countries outside the USA?
Do you know what is in bottled water?
Do you know how much it costs to drink bottled water yearly?
Did you know that 250 plus mayors across the country have
banned bottled water in the cities municipalities?
Do you know how much water is drinkable around the globe?
Do you know the locations of four areas around the globe where the
water has properties better than any other water locations?
Do you know what property is needed to
hydrate the body in seconds and minutes?
Do you know what property is needed to remove the toxins and
free radicals from the digestive track?
Do you know what property of water is needed to cleanse acids from
your bodies organs?
Do you know who the big three are in the water industry?
Do you know that over weight is caused by acidic conditions?

If you could learn all about water in one hour or less, would
you be inclined to attend a meeting and training session on water?


Click below to join or get more information
regarding our "
Purpose Driven Network."

or call us at:



We need technical people that know about the properties of
water, electronics, metrology, electrical, pneumatics, mechanical, and systems
so that they can calibrate, adjust, inspect, and clean selective components
in medical devices. Training is available.
There are currently over 500,000 units around the globe and
new installations are growing at the rate of a few thousand per month.

We need distributors to provide Kangen Water FREE
to people that have medical conditions, homes, sushi bars, restaurants,
food processing plants, hospitals, maintenance depots,
clinical engineering services, businesses and others.
Training provided.

We need sales people to meet with the 20,000,000  businesses in the USA
and just ask for their business card and their best coupon, advertisement,
or promotional announcement they used in the last year. We then put this
on our marketing and advertisment circuit for FREE. When this works
for the company, we then take the company to another level and
strategize on what works best for them to bring new revenue
locally and globally.

Call:  800.477.2334
to find out how you can be
part of our program.

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Oh Mandi!

First Meeting

Reach out and join our "Purpose Driven Network." NO COST first meeting. We are meeting in one of the most awesome, peaceful, and pleasurable places in Orange County. Just just the scenery is worth meeting here. Then with our introduction of Organo Gold black coffee, mocha, latte, or green tea mixed with Kangen Water 50/50 of 8.5pH and 7.0ph you will have a new experience. Just a few feet away from the gazebo where we will meet, is the Jackson Ranch. The last place where the last grizzley was bagged in the last century. Jackson Ranch is where the cowboys used to MEETUP. Probably the first MEETUP's in Orange County. We will meet from 11am to 1pm. There will be muchies and such, so don't bring you bag lunch. We max out at twenty (20) people so RSVP as soon as possible to 800.477.2334 or 949.328.0126; Or you can email to:   Thank you very much.

Address for Jackson Ranch

Giracci Vineyards and Farms
16162 Jackson Ranch Road
Silverado, CA 92676

Note: Half way from Mojeska Canyon and Blackstar Canyon.
Very close to the PALM TENDERS
on Silverado Canyon Road

Patrick Tarzian